Upgrade Installation

Download and Run the Follow Beta Upgrade to the Latest Version: (If you find issues then go back to latest stable version above)
Download latest Beta Version Click here!

(Optional) - Download and Run the Follow Upgrade to the Last Stable Version: Download Click here!

(Optional) - Download and Run the Last Years Follow Upgrade: Version 9/11/2016 Download Click here!

Revision Changes

18.02.24a      Write Ticket - You no longer need to select the Item from a List box popup when removing, changing price or changing quantity. Just select the Item first in the Ticket Display on the Right
18.02.24a      Write Ticket - Direct Sale will now Print a copy of the Ticket as well. Direct Sale button should be used if the items are to be picked up right away. Example might be lint brushes, soap, etc... (Ticket will be marked Picked up immediately.
18.02.24a      Credit Card Token - In the Customer Window if you are storing credit cards with OpenEdge the Token will now support name storage. If you had this option on with OpenEdge and were not getting tokens stored, this is now fixed.
18.02.24a      Ticket Reports - Ticket Listing Summary and Detail Reports have been Fixed.