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Vivaldi Support - Non Emergency

Support is now by Schedule Only! Schedule support using the online scheduler. (This is for a support call from a Technical or advanced support from a programmer.) Support is by 30 min increments and is charged at the rate listed below. You are paying for a period of time with a support person or a programmer. Click the link below to make the appointment.

Click here to Schedule a Support call

Report Issue/Changes

* Technician - Basic user questions, training or setup issues. Basic Network, computer or printer setup for single and multiple stations or report questions or minor report/ticket changes. Setup of Email, backups, or general questions. ($24.95 30/min) 760.282.4626

** Programmer - Major Network Issue, computer, printer hardware major failures. Customization of the program or reports. Reinstallation of the program on a server or client. Setup of a Network system. ($49.00 30/min) 760.282.4626

** After hours emergency support or immediate support when appointments are not available are $95.00 a call up to 1 hour. (Paid up front - Call 760.524.2473 or Text Emergency to 760.524.2473)  

Vivaldi Support - Emergency

Available 24/7 Call 760.524.2473 or 760.282.4626 to arrange for a technician by phone. Emergency Rate is $95.00 per 30 min. This support is available for any hour and does not have to be scheduled.

Star Printer Problems - (Usually after Windows update)

According to Matt at Star Tel: 848-216-3268
1. The best thing to do when something like this happens is to delete the drivers and then restart the computer and reinstall. It may also be best to uninstall the starprint and futureprint software from programs and features before the restart.

After you reinstall and restart set the following:
Right mouse click the SP700 in the Devices and Printers
Select the Printer Properties
Select the Sharing Tab
Set the Share checkbox on
Change the Share Name to: TAG
Select Device Settings Tab
Set the Paper size to the largest Receipt option
Turn off all the Options that say "CUT"

Right mouse click the TSP100 in the Devices and Printers
Select the Printer Properties
Select the Sharing Tab
Set the Share checkbox on
Change the Share Name to: TICKET
Select Device Settings Tab
Set the Paper size to the largest Receipt option


Star Micronics America, Inc.

Matt Jarossi
Market Solutions Team Supervisor
Star Micronics America, Inc.

65 Clyde Road, Suite G
Somerset, NJ 08873

Tel: 848-216-3268

Vivaldi Professional Software - Free Demo

Email Now Attn: Sales and Support for a Link to the Demo and Demo Videos. Simple Type "Demo Request" in the Subject.

Download the Demo by Clicking here if you would like to install it yourself.

(Click the link above to download the demo the press Run. Follow the instructions on the screen.) If you have issues please call the support office at: 760.282.4626


Support by Email and Remote Control is free. This is being done to keep our costs down for you.


Premium support is now available by phone for $99.00 a month.


Email support is always free for the life of the store (Most responses returned that day).


Support packages can be arranged with voice support for as low as $24.95 a call (30 min max). Tech Support is now done using free version. You must have an internet connection and installed. We will remotely control the computer to assist you. Email Vivaldi Support with your questions or issues. The Support Center is now fully automated. For phone support there is a $24.95 per call charge. (1 to 30 minutes)


Support is by Email and Remote Control for this fee. This is being done to keep our costs down for you.


Report Issues or Suggested Enhancements to the Program

Report Issue/Changes Use this option if you would like to suggest changes to the software for the next version. Changes reported here are free if Vivaldi chooses to include them in the next version. There is no time frame for the change it goes into the suggestion stack and when the change is done you will get an email indicating you can down load the latest version. If the feature is already in the program then you will get an email indicating that vivaldi already does this and instructions on how to turn this feature on or a request that you make an appointment with support to have this feature enabled. *** Problems with your computer that require you to make an appointment still need an appointment made in the online scheduler. Do not use this page to request someone to fix your printer that requires a technician.

Hardware Issues - Printer Support

Available Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm PST (California Time). The Most Common issues are Printers. Use the following guidline. If the printer is not working
If the printer was working and no longer is
1. Turn off the printer, then turn off the computer. Wait 5 seconds then turn the printer back on then the computer. Then test it.
2. Check the paper and check for paper jams.
3. Check that the cables are connected properly.
4. Open the Printers and Devices panel in Control panel and make sure the printer icon looks like a printer and is black not disabled gray. If the printer is a printer icon and is gray then there is usually something wrong with the cable. If the printer icon is not a printer but a box then windows has lost the device driver.
5. If someone has accidentally moved the usb cable from it's original port and plugged it into another port then vivaldi does not know what port it needs to print to. You need to move the cable to the original port. If you don't know which usb port it was plugged into then try them all until it starts printing. (Try to use fingernail polish to put a mark on the cable and next to the hole so you know which hole the usb plug goes into. If you have a ticket and tag printer then use 2 colors)
6. If you have tried all these things you can call MS Cashdrawer if you purchased the printer from Vivaldi and they can walk you through the test above. If you purchased the printer within the last year MS Cashdrawer will have you run a few tests then they can ship you a new printer and have you ship the old one back to them. (If you do not ship the old one back in the new printer box they will charge you credit card for a new printer $219.00)
2085 East Foothill Blvd
Attn: Tanya Doubko
P: (800) 544-1749 ext. 226
7. If they determine the printer is broke and it's been over a year you can purchase a new printer from the website under the online store or packages page.
If the printer never was working and is a brand new printer or system
1. Make an appointment online with support to setup the new printer.
2. If you decide to install the printer. 1. Do not plug the printers in before installing the driver from the included CD. 2. Install the windows driver from the CD. 3. Plug the printers in, make sure to put in the paper and for the Tag printer the included ribbon. 4. Enter the printer properties and make sure the printer looks like a printer and not a box. If it looks like a box then you plugged it in before installing the driver and you need to reboot the computer. If after rebooting the computer it still shows a box and not a printer then you need support to fix it. (this included removed the printer driver from the system manager windows setting page) 5. Under system properties in Vivaldi there is an area to enter the printer name so copy it there. 6. Set the properties on each printer properites. Set the paper size default to the largest Receipt setting, for the ticket printer set the share name to Ticket and the Tag set the share name to Tag. For the tag printer set both options to No Cut to avoid extra tags.

  • Upgrade to the Latest Version of Vivaldi Classic

    4.03.xx and higher.

    Free Upgrade by Clicking here!

    Vivaldi Upgrades are always free. EXIT VIVALDI! Then Download and run the file, then press the unzip button to override the previous version. Make sure that Vivaldi is not running before you upgrade. (Requires that the Vivaldi Demo or full system Software be Installed first)

  • POS Metro Cloud Demo - New Vivaldi

    New Vivaldi 8 Metro Dry Cleaning System.

    Download the Vivaldi 8 Metro Cloud Version (SQL Server Based) Clicking here!

    (Requires that the Vivaldi Demo or full system Software be Installed first)

    After installing, Login as a demo user email address: password: 2164 Store #: 1
    This Vivaldi will allow you to run your store from anywhere with an internet connection, great for Tablets (Requires Windows 8 Tablets only - Windows Surface Pro)
    Vivaldi 8 Metro Professional is $995.00 a Store (unlimited Stations and tablets) and $9.95 a month (for hosting and support).
    Vivaldi 8 Metro Cloud Professional for $395.00 with a monthly hosting and service contract at $19.95 a month.
    Vivaldi 8 Metro Cloud Enterprise for $1995.00 (1 to 8 Stores - Unlimited Stations) with a monthly hosting and service contract at $9.95 a month per store.
    Metro Cloud includes software for your office or home.

    Upgrade the POS Metro Cloud to the latest version

    Upgrade a current install of Vivaldi 8 Metro Point of Sale.

    Download the Upgrade by Clicking here!

    (Requires that the Vivaldi 8 Metro Demo or full system Software be Installed first)

  • This upgrade requires you to have an existing Vivaldi 8 Metro installed! 

    Follow Basic Support - Pay here ($24.95)

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    Customer Web
    POS Metro has a Customer Web Interface where your customers can signup for service, select a Home Delivery Schedule from the Home Delivery Software, View their Ticket and Orders, reschedule service and update Account Information. All integrated into the System. Login with our test customer using the password: 1234


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