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Vivaldi Classic - Windows 8 Designed Tile Point of Sale System. All Touch Screen (or mouse/keyboard) System designed for the Windows 8 Interface. Each module is easy to select and use, simple to learn and fast. You can run the Point of Sale system from a Windows 8 Tablet or any Windows operating system. Top Menu allows you to select the advanced options and report with very few clicks.

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Write Ticket

Write Ticket Window. With the Vivaldi Classic you can quickly write tickets on any Computer (Desktop, Laptop, or Tablet) anywhere with internet access (In a Van, store or at your home) The Touch screen design allows you to quickly Select Items, Colors and Up charges, print the ticket and move on the the next customer with ease.

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Ticket Pickup

Quick Pickup has been designed to allow the counter person to quickly select a customer, view and pickup multiple ticket, show locations and popup the virtual Cashdrawer. Showing the user change and automatically opening, updating the Cashdrawer and customer records.

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Advanced Reports

Vivaldi Menu gives you fast access to Customer, Inventory, Marketing, Delivery, Accounting and many more Reporting Features. Simple to run with many export options from PDF, Excel, to email.

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Customer Search

Simple Searches will search for customers by phone, account or name. Wild card search search fast and accurately.

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Cash Drawer Management

Vivaldi Classic keeps track of each transaction, user , time and summarizes the days reporting.

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Print Ticket Module

Vivaldi Classic allows the user to direct pay, prepay, pay later, add coupons, assign pickup days and more.

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Delivery Module

Integrated Delivery system and Accounting with monthly statements build in. The route system even creates customer route files that link to the online free routing system. Creating faster A to Z routing paths for your drivers.

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Ticket Assignment

Vivaldi Classic has a built in workflow manager to track Tickets from creation, to processing, to location assignment or outside process at a plant.

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Customer Web
POS Metro has a Customer Web Interface where your customers can signup for service, select a Home Delivery Schedule from the Home Delivery Software, View their Ticket and Orders, reschedule service and update Account Information. All integrated into the System. Login with our test customer using the password: 1234


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